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How to Convert FLAC files to MP3

Some audiophile types love FLAC files, but I can’t really tell the difference between a flac file and an mp3. All my digital music collection is in mp3 format (I convert all the iTunes stuff I buy from m4a to mp3 as soon as i get it). You can convert flac to mp3 using WinAmp Pro (but that’s not free). This method is completely free and preserves any tags (artist name, track name album name etc) information. Program you need 1. Download and install Foobar2000, select typical install and accept all the defaults. 000001s (more…)

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Coding DVD Video in Motion

DVD Video in Motion is a very nice feature that be coded on your BMW F10 and although you cannot watch a movie while drivind, your passenger will be glad to have this mod enabled. Note that not all these options can be found on all cars so if you can`t find one or two options don`t worry, it means those values don`t need to be changed on your car. 1. Connect to your car: esys-connect-button 2. Select your chassis: esys-chassis-selection (more…)

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Remove age-restricted on youtube

In order to view age-restricted videos, it’s a good idea to verify your age associated with your Google account. You can follow these steps to check your birthday: Sign into Google+ on the desktop. In the left nav bar, hover Read more…

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钟山神(zhong shan shen)


獓狠(犬因)(ao yin)




蛊雕(gu diao)



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